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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Answers to Yesterday's Photo Questions

Photo Answers from Yesterday:

First of all Scientist of the Day goes to Danny for being the only one to attempt at identifying the photos!

Sample A- This bone was from a seal

Sample B- Scat from a Coyote- the flat piece is a bone (probably deer). Coyote droppings have lots of hairs and bone fragments typically.

Sample C- a Porcupine did this damage to a tree! They eat the bark from the top down which kills the tree in segments. They prefer birch trees because its soft and sweet.

Sample D- The smaller round one is from a Snowshoe Hare and the larger ones are porcupine.

Sample E- This is a close- up of the Porcupine damage on a tree. The Porcupines usually eat the bark, Beavers chop the tree down to use for homes.


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