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Monday, March 8, 2010

Off to a good start!

Today everyone had a run-down of what to expect during this exciting expedition to Nova Scotia! The students were completely briefed on how my days will be filled in the field and they were also briefed on their responsibilities as Scientists at home. They will be following the expedition carefully, making sure they are documenting data, answering questions and keeping their own journal of the experience at school. We will be using the data once I return to apply a critical eye on what our expedition discovered.

After a test run today on using the blog and how to make posts, it seems everyone is off to a great start! Tomorrow is one more test run with the other half of my students and then I know that everyone is ready to go on here! Very Exciting!

We also tried Skyping today with the school network to make sure it works with the internet at school - it was a success as several students were able to say hi to Ms. Norris during the lunch break! A second successful skype was made with Mr. Sugarman at the Runkle School in Brookline. That was super news, it appears that we'll be able to communicate just fine once I get to Nova Scotia!

I am really excited about the trip however I still have a ton of things to do before I go... and no I haven't started packing just yet :)


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