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Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally Packed...

Well after several hours of organizing everything I will need for my trip, I'm packed and ready to go! I do have to admit it took some clever engineering to get everything into one suitcase, especially because I have to bring so many extra things that I never travel with... for example:
1. Huge rubber boots
2. Flashlight
3. Binoculars
4. Layers and layers of clothing
5. Rain gear AND Snow gear
6. Laptop

I thought this picture was pretty funny so I had to add it in here... it looks like what I felt like while packing, but really... I'm only bringing one suitcase ;)

I have looked at the weather and it says that Halifax will be pretty much like here in Boston although maybe a few degrees cooler. It also mentioned that it could rain or SNOW in the next week, so I have to be prepared.

Here is the 10 day forecast:

I will let you know what its really like when I get there tomorrow :) I will be leaving Boston bright and early - 6am! That means I will have to be up very early on a Saturday... I hope you all enjoy sleeping in!

I am a little concerned about daylight savings time change on Sunday- right now Halifax is one hour ahead so that means when they skip ahead an extra hour on Sunday, I will be losing 2 hours of sleep in one night! Good thing Sunday is supposed to be a day to relax and check out my new accommodations for the next couple of weeks.

See you on here tomorrow ... I'll be writing you from Nova Scotia instead of Boston!