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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day1/Day 2- Bonjour from Halifax

Weather: Overcast
Temperature: 30 F

Hi everyone- YES I MADE IT! There was a little bit of a delay in getting up here yesterday. I sat on the plane on the runway in NYC for 2 hours due to the weather and a lot of air congestion... yes stuck in traffic. I landed in Halifax 3 hours later than expected but it was well worth it. I took an Airport bus to the city and checked into my hotel. I wasn't able to see much as it was getting dark, but I did get up this morning and managed to walk quite a bit of the city. My first stop was Tim Horton's which is my absolute favorite place to get coffee in Canada. I then walked up past the Public Gardens (which were closed) and then up to the Citadel.

The Citadel (a military fort) sits on top of the highest point in Halifax- why might this be a good place for it? Remember Halifax is right on the ocean. It is a historic site for Canada and played a role in keeping it safe during conflicts with Britain and France (although they say never was a shot fired in defense). It was neat because I could walk around in it and witness the "noon shot" which is ceremonially fired everyday when the town clock strikes noon.

I then worked my way down the hill and towards the water front where I saw several tug boats and sailboats. It was pretty quiet because it was so cold out. What was pretty cool is that the Brier Cup is being held in Halifax this weekend. The Brier is an important event for the sport of Curling (remember the Olympics!). There were actually a lot of people at the Citadel who were in town for this event. One of them was an elderly man from the New Brunswick province here in Canada- He gave me a pin that has his province's flag on it. I will show you when I get back!

After my quick day in Halifax it was back to the airport to meet the team and head off to Cherry Hill which is where we will be staying. The pictures I showed you of the houses look exactly how they are in real life. It was so nice to meet everyone and to share in dinner and discussion about the weeks ahead. I will tell you more about them tomorrow. What was really exciting was to find out that there are 10 gallons of ice cream (all different flavors) in the freezer here :) I am posting a picture of a graduate student named Yuma who is here from Japan- holding a lot of the ice cream!

Alright I will post more tomorrow, its been a long day and I am looking forward to a little sleep before we start our day. I am hopeful that I will be skyping with you in the morning, we'll see how it works!