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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 6- East Port Medway

Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 40s

Today we started out much like we did yesterday- breakfast and then checking the traps! This morning when we checked them, we found out we had trapped the same female as yesterday! I couldn't believe it, she even gained 0.5g! She was the only one we caught on our morning check and so off we were once again to do some scat transects. This time we did a total of three 10 x 10 sections which yielded around 1600 pieces of snowshoe scat! Another good day in the collecting for us.

After the Scat collecting we ate lunch and learned how to set up camera traps. We ended up placing 4 camera traps around the East Point Medway area. Ms. Ryu took a video of this with an explanation of how we do it... enjoy!

Yuma and I place a camera trap

Camera trap in place

After the camera trap placement we went on a field sign transect. We were divided into two groups and we were asked to hike a path about 1 mile long and record all field signs we observed. One group would start at either end of the trail so we would make sure to cover everything! Field signs are ANY sign that a mammal has been there so once again we were looking for scat, footprints, damage to trees, fur, burrows, beaver dams, bear scratchings...anything that would indicate a mammal has been there. A mile path doesn't seem very long does it? Well we were given 2.5 hours to walk it... so that means THAT IS how observant we were expected to be! I think that is the s l o w e s t I have ever walked on a trail before but we did see a lot!

Beaver Dam


Beaver Damage

Deer Prints

After this we went back to check on our traps and guess what? We once again had caught the same female vole. We have named her Josephina :) She still hasn't gotten any faster with the timidity test, but thats ok. I think she figured out its a safe place for her inside that little maze :)

Well I am excited for tomorrow and for seeing if we have taken any pictures with our camera traps. I will let you know if we catch Ms. Josephina again!

I am looking forward to skyping with you all tomorrow!