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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 8- Research Free Day... off to Halifax

Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 60s(?)

Wow a research-free day! I think we were really excited to be able to sleep in.. a little bit at least. We had a quick breakfast before we left for the 2 hour ride to Halifax. Pretty much anytime we go anywhere in the research van, it take a while to get there, obviously Halifax is no different.

We arrive into the city around noon and set off to investigate the city. I had a little bit of knowledge since I had spent some hours last Sunday exploring before I met up with the team. I was excited to see things I hadn't gotten the chance to see earlier and especially to share the sights with my new friends.

We headed up to the Citadel because they hadn't seen it yet and then walked down to the water front. It was really nice and sunny, in fact so sunny that I had to squish my entire long down jacket into a very small backpack. Of course since there is a Tim Horton's right there we had to go and pick up a coffee... and a donut- yum! We sat right on the pier in the sunshine and reflected on how nice it was to not be in the woods looking for scat ;)

We went looking for the entrance to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic which houses a lot of history about the maritime life in Halifax, as well as some Titanic artifacts. On our way over there was a guy playing an accordian near a giant "wave" sculpture so we stayed and listened to him. It was funny to watch all these kids trying to run up the wave as an accordian played.
The Giant Wave The Accordian Man

It was soooo nice to just relax and listen before we headed inside for a little while to check out the museum. Once inside the museum there was so much to look at! There is a pirate exhibit when you first walk in and it shows you how pirates were punished for their actions in Halifax. I don't think being a pirate would have been very fun, especially if you were caught!

What was pretty cool was this huge lens from a Lighthouse. It was gigantic!!! I was impressed to think that something this big is hoisted up into a lighthouse but I guess if you are signaling to ships at night, you better be visible!
Lighthouse Lens
In the next room there were several smaller boats, including one used to sneak up on birds in the Arctic (apparently these are now illegal). Here are a few of what I saw:
Arctic Boat
It was interesting to see all that was inside this museum. They have a ton of things that divers have collected over the years such as dishes and silverware, coins and jewelry. They also had a lot of parts of boats including the wooden pieces from the front of boats that are most often in the shape of a person.

St. Patrick

After the museum we continued our walking tour of the city and ended up near the Nova Scotia School of Design. This was a neat area because there are many galleries displaying artists work. Here is one of my favorite window displays, a bunch of tiny wooden flowers ... pretty fitting because its the first day of spring!
Happy Spring

We had dinner on the pier and enjoyed the fading evening light of Halifax before we headed home. It was a super day to walk around and see the sights. I think we enjoyed it even more because we have been working so hard here! I loved it :)

Recapturing Miss Josephina :)

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Good morning! Did you all remember that today starts the First Day Of Spring? The vernal equinox starts at 1:32 pm... so how many of you are going to try and balance an egg this time?