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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 12- Cook's Lake

Weather: Showers
Temperature: 30s - 40s

Today we woke up and guess what? It was no longer pouring rain... just sprinkling :) Much better :) We drove out to Cook's Lake to check our traps as we always do in the morning. As we walked down the path to the cottage all of a sudden there was a coyote right in front of us!!! I could not believe we were so close to it! Of course it jumped quickly away into the bushes before any of us could take out our cameras. Once again I am left to googling an image for you:


Today we ended up catching the same pregnant female as yesterday and a mystery animal. The mystery animal is seen in the photos below... can you tell what it is?

Mystery Animal Photo #1
Mystery Animal Photo #2

After checking traps we did another 5 quadrats of droppings and found a bunch of snowshoe hare and deer again. I am not sure what the exact numbers were but we saw a lot!

We ate lunch in the van today because it was still raining and afterwards we went on a field sign transect. The field sign transect was a little interesting today because it was soooo flooded!

Raining again

We walked (more like sloshed!) around for a mile looking to find signs of animal life. We actually saw a lot of things... lots of coyote droppings, a skunk dropping, chipmunk feeding sites and remnants of a deer that looked like a coyote might have gotten it. It was so cool to be in the middle of the woods in the rain and in the middle of such huge puddles!

Flooded Trail

Once we had completed our successful transect we went back up the hill to check the traps one last time. This time we had captured a little male red-backed vole. When we took him out of the trap he was holding a little piece of hay :)

Male Red-Backed Vole

We released him back to the area he was trapped in and set off to the van for our drive home. It was a really good day in the field and we saw a lot! It was great! I wonder what we will catch tomorrow on our final day at Cook's Lake.

When we arrived home it was time to get ready for an evening chat about Geologic Time... I thought it was pretty interesting that we would be discussing this as you were all just working on your Geologic Time Scale Clock! It was a great talk, I wish I was able to draw out all of geologic time like Dr. Chris can! Here is a snapshot of our discussion:
Dr. Chris and Geologic Time

Well that is all for today! I will post more tomorrow on our last day at Cook's Lake!